Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kensington the cat ornament

This big mouth ornament is inspired by our cat Kensington. We named him that because Kensington is the neighborhood in Philly that he was found in. He is a sweet and very friendly cat, almost a mix of cat and dog.  He's sculpted out of white Premo over a glass ornament that was broken away to give him his big smile. He's painted and antiqued with water based oil paints.


Here is Kensington in real life from our Christmas card. My husband Pete is holding our other cat Killer.  Kensington is being a bit shy in the picture. We did the portrait as a parody of all the Christmas cards we get where people dress up the whole family and pose in stuffy ways.  You can tell from Kensingtons reaction that he's not used to being dressed up.

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